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Looking for a speaker for your next event? 

I speak on topics that inspire women to live a well-lived healthy life through the power of gaining clarity, being intentional and accountable and getting results.  My passion is to inspire women that the most liberating experience during their journey to wellness is being authentic and true to your uniqueness.  

For all inquires, please send me an e-mail with the details of your event.

Upcoming Events

30 Day PowerWalking Sessions

Running Shoes

Get Ready to Get Your Body into Shape for Summer!

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I’m excited to be leading a Stretching & Mindfulness Meditation Session on Mondays inside VR Planet Studios beginning Monday March 11th at 7pm. 


There are many benefits of stretching as it is important for flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention.  Incorporating stretching into your daily routine is equally as important to your health and your body function as regular exercise.  Stretching relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow and nutrients to your cartilage and muscles.   

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which one can develop through the practice of meditation.

Although meditation can be a challenge for some, it is actually very simple.  It starts with being still, present and mindful. 


Meditation has  been known to help minimize stress levels, helps you to let go of your fears or anxious feelings and enables you to be conscious of your situation.  It has also been known to help lower your blood pressure, amp up your immune system and improves your ability to concentrate. 

We will also explore Virtual Reality Meditation.  This kind of meditation has proven to help even the skeptics who struggle with being focused during a meditation session.  With Virtual Reality meditation, you can select from dozens of options for your scenery and your background music.  It transports you to another world, convincing your brain that you are really on a Polynesian beach or in a rain forest in Costa Rica.  If you've been trying to master the art of meditation, this could be your go-to way of getting there - You've got to try this!!!

Sessions Start
Mon, March 11th - Mon, April 15th, 2019
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Click here to learn more and sign up by sending me an e-mail.

The primary focus of the stretching sessions is on gaining balance, increasing your flexibility, reducing tension, loosening up the muscles and increasing blood flow to your entire body. 


This is great for anyone who works out on a regular basis or who is trying to get ready to work out and need a little head start to loosen up.

With the meditation series, we will be doing the following meditations:

Week 1   

Mindful Meditation - Letting Go of Stress and Anxiety

Week 2   

Body Awareness

Week 3   

Gratitude & Affirmations

Week 4  

Filling your Cup & Practicing

Week 5 

Enjoying the Little Things

Week 6 

Heart Centered Gratitude


Khashel will be kicking off 2019 with their FREE Women's only function.  Their goal has always been to support women with both their personal challenges and in their business journey through networking and social events.  This event was is to give women the opportunity to meet business minded individuals and other positive women with a common goal of success and being the best that they can be.
I will be doing a live inter-active discussion on the topic "How we lose touch with ourselves in a relationship and why sometimes walking away becomes an act of love and compassion".
When:    Saturday February 9, 2019
Time:     7:00 pm sharp
Where:  Stephen Leacock Community Recreation Centre
2500 Birchmount Rd., Scarborough, ON M1T2M5 
Tel:  416-396-4184  

Contact Paula Paterson
at (647) 862-4462 for more info.
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VIP Networking in Durham

February 27, 2018

Join like-minded individuals in an intimate setting at Durham's first VIP Forum is for women in transition with their personal or professional lives.  It will be an opportunity to network, be elevated, get creative and pay it forward to your community.

Schedule for the Evening

7:00 pm to 7:15pm Check In/Network

7:15 pm to 7:30 pm Welcome/ Introduction

7:30 pm to 7:45 pm Guest Speaker

7:45 pm to 8:00 pm Guest Speaker

8:00 pm to 8:10 pm Q & A

8:10 pm to 9:00 pm More networking & Optional Pottery Painting

There will be an opportunity to socialize and paint pottery pieces.
Space is limited! Register in advance!
Parking is free!

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