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With coaching, you're not being diagnosed with a condition, you're simply taking your life back and shining a light on your unique skills . 

You got this!!

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What is a Clarity & Life Balance Coach?

Think of the term living well, adapting a healthy mindset and taking care of yourself.  In other words, wellness on a whole and finding balance - Mind, Body, Spirit.

Gaining clarity helps you to get clear about what you want and how to get it.  It allows you to understand the history of any set-backs in your life that has brought you to your current stage and also assists you in identifying the triggers that control your emotions and decisions-making processes. 

Life Balance coaching provides guidance to help individuals improve their lives by recognizing their skills, setting clear goals and helping them to move past any challenges standing in their way of achieving them.

Through the clarity process, I work with you to sort things out calmly without any  pressure to “fix” the problem right away, until you slowly being to feel the energy and confidence flow back into your life.   As your Coach, I am here to help you shift your mindset and integrate health and wellness into your life. 

Overall, it is a process of becoming aware of the choices available to you.  It is a way of life and an efficient channel of energy that integrates the mind, body and spirit.  

No matter how big or small your goals are, as your coach, I will help you with the following:


Lose Weight | Eat Healthier | Quit Smoking | Reduce Stress


     Navigate through the changing process

     Implement positive lifestyle approaches

     Practice healthy habits to manage stress

    Assists you to make healthy eating choices; and

    Work on cultivating a mindfulness and simplistic approach for your overall well-being 

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck or at a crossroads with your personal and professional life and you can’t seem to figure out how to manifest your growth potential.  If you’re ready to grow and develop a plan for your life and own your "purpose", allow me to be your ally and accountability partner.   Click here if you're ready to take the first step.

Is it the same as being a Wellness Coach and if so, why would I need one?

This is a great question - and YES, it is along the same lines.   There are many reasons why someone will need this type of coaching and having a Wellness Coaching background, this is where I found the need to incorporate a Life Balance approach to my coaching.  Hiring a Coach and making this decision is going to be a personal one.  It will depend on the individual style of coaching and most importantly, the chemistry you develop with the coach from the get go.  Having a coach is like a partnership.  It's having someone who's "got your back" by supporting you, holding you accountable and helping you to start a plan, overcome obstacles and celebrate your successes.


Some people will seek a life/health/wellness coach if they are in need of the following:​

  • Wanting to creating a work/life balance

  • The need to become more physically active,

  • Going through a stressful time in their life,

  • Want to tap into their strength and talents but feeling stuck

  • Need guidance on moving forward in their career or relationship, or

  • Having a desire to make a major life-changing decision.

Coaching is a journey of self discovery and is probably one of the best decision you will ever make as you slowly discover that you can achieve optimum health and happiness...from the inside out!

How does it work?

First there is an initial meeting with you and your coach that usually lasts 30-60 minutes.  It could be in person or over the phone.  During this session, your coach will discuss what you want to accomplish by asking various questions to define your goals and spot the challenges that could be standing in your way.  He/She will also outline the steps needed to achieving your goals and provide you with "homework" - so to speak.  Depending on the goal, you may be given some specific things to consider for the next meeting to help you work towards your goal, which may require you to keep a journal or a list of definitive 'action' plans about what you wish to accomplish.

Throughout your coaching, I will offer you guidance and support in keeping on track and accountable for achieving your goals.  Coaching may last anywhere from three months to a year, depending on how the sessions are structured.  Coaching sessions can be done via telephone, skype, zoom or in person.  The fees will vary, depending on each client's goals.  Click here to view my coaching packages.

What else should I know about Coaching?

Wellness (Life Balance, Health, Mindfulness) coaching has been defined as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 

Coaching addresses the whole person, not just the different elements of fitness training.  Coaching gets under the surface of workout and nutrition plans to discover why a client is unhealthy, what behaviours led to the problem, what daily life obstacles are in the way and how the client can make lasting behavioural changes. Your coach creates awareness by asking questions, backing a variety of strategies and options and supporting action.

Think of coaching as a way to build on a foundation. Your programming and approach (framing) may be top-notch, but without exploring the underlying factors and challenges of daily life (ie managing time, creating healthy boundaries, defining needs and goals, learning accountability, making commitments, delaying gratification and identifying obstacles and solutions) an individual will not be able to create a strong and lasting foundation of awareness and change. Behaviour change and learning new ways of showing up in life are key factors to success." (Source:  International Coaches Federation ICF)

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