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Testimonials from Clients

I met Maxine at a function a few years ago and was immediately drawn to her.  Once we started our coaching sessions, my life was changed and for the first time in the longest while, I felt better than I've ever felt.  She made me realize that I had what it takes to follow my heart and live a meaningful life.   Thank you,

Rosemary Green -  Toronto

Thank you, Maxine for helping me through my rough patch.  When I thought I could manage everything on my own without any help, you made me realize that coaching was what I really needed.   I am so glad that I found you and I appreciate how you took your time with me and made it easy for me to get through it all.  You're so pleasant and easy to work with.  I would recommend you all the time.

Thank you,  Sharon B

Dear Maxine,  I admit that when our sessions were over, I didn't want them to stop.  You are so graceful and professional and I learned so much from you.  Thank you for being my accountability buddy and keeping me on track.  With the coaching you provided me, I am now feeling 100% better about myself and life.   I love how you coach in a practical way that made it easy for me to transition into becoming who I really am.   I will forever be grateful to have had 8 weeks of Ultimate Wellness with you, thanks again.  Keep shining!  

Donna - Toronto

Dear Maxine, I am so thankful for you and for helping me work out my situation.  Now I'm able to think more positively and be more optimistic about my future.  I will be recommending you to others and will come back again for more coaching.

Cerese - Toronto

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