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Six Weeks To a Healthier You

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It's a New Year and a New You... this means changing your mindset about how you take care of your health and well being

It's time to stop letting your excuses determine your actions.

Let's kick off your health goals with intention and getting results.


This 6 Week coaching program is designed to support the busy woman who has little or no time to commit to gym classes, workshops or meet-ups outside of the home.

I will work with you and be your accountability partner empowering you to the next level of your health and fitness. 


Each session is 1 hour in length (via skyp/zoom) with full access to me via e-mail throughout the program.


You get to choose when you want to start and best part, you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to get the results.


I used to struggle with taking time out for myself and I put everyone first.  I know that life is busy and we have responsibilities, but the most important responsibility you have is taking care of YOU.... you deserve it.

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Here's how it works...
We will spend 6 weeks together (on line) where I will be providing you with proven tools and tips to help you kick your excuses to the curb, implement a daily fitness and nutrition plan as well as motivation to get your body working FOR YOU - no against you.  
Each week, we will cover different topics specifically designed to help you set attainable goals so that you can change your mindset around how you practice a healthy lifestyle.  I will provide you with handouts to complete so that you can set these goals, track your progress and keep yourself accountable.
During the course of the 6 weeks, you will have access to my workout videos that are designed to strengthen, tone and increase your flexibility.   We will also explore meditation and other mindfulness tools to integrate into your life. 
Mindfulness is key to managing your stress and living a balanced life.
WAIT, THERE'S MORE:   You will also get a 30 minute one-on-one session with me (via phone) at the beginning of the program and another 30 minute one-on-one check-in call with me at the halfway point to assess your progress and address any roadblocks you may have.
BONUS:    You will also get exclusive access to the private FB Group where we help each other to succeed.  I will also share my workout tips, healthy food recipes and more.   
This program is only open to 12 people.  Registration is required in order to confirm your registration.
Cost:  $259.00 + HST 
Payment Options are available:  Split your payments in two or three parts.  Contact me to make arrangements. 



Diet Salad
Program Outline
Learn more about the history of nutrition and why we need to be fueling our bodies with proper nutrition for optimum performance.  Meal planning is not always easy, but it's so important.  You will be provided with a meal planning template to make planning meals for you and your family go smoothly.
Let's get you to eliminate the mindset of "I cant'" to "Yes I can".  We all know that what we tell ourselves, it what we believe, which eventually takes  a toll on our mental and physical health.  We will discuss ways in which to combat these negative beliefs, boost your confidence about your ability to take control of your health.  When it comes to combining  foods, how we pair them plays a major role in our health and eating certain foods together will enhance the nutritional value of that individual foods.  We will explore the many food pairings that's right for any pallet and lifestyle.
We will explore several strength and cardio workouts to help you gain flexibility, tighten, tone your body and more importantly, create a sense of confidence in you about your body.... you can and even lose a few pounds.   Just remember ~ momentum, consistency and commitment is key.  
The human body runs most efficiently on food that is in its natural form and processed foods are not the best things for our bodies.  You will be provided with key ways to incorporate whole foods into your daily diet as well as learning what you should eat for breakfast, as well as ideas for snacking so you don't turn to sugar for a boost in energy.       
Stress is the number one cause of all health problems.  Learn techniques to manage stress in your day-to-day life by being mindful of your thoughts, actions, environment and life in general.
We know that we should nourish and appreciate our bodies, however, with daily priorities and responsibilities, we tend to leave ourselves out.   Let's have the honest conversation about what areas you have been overextending and what has been causing burned out?    What areas are you neglecting and not giving enough attention?  This segment is geared towards helping you to say NO to what doesn't serve you and YES to the new YOU for 2020.
TO REGISTER, CLICK  HERE!  There will be a registration form to be completed as well as a payment option.  Option 1 - PayPal  or Option 2 - E-Transfer
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