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Gratitude Journal


There are a few scientific proven benefits of practicing gratitude,  so it's no surprise that more and more people are becoming conscious and mindful of what they have in their lives and have been actively practicing gratitude every day as a part of their self-care regime.  


Expressing how grateful we are each day has a huge impact on our psychological health, as it increases our happiness, manages our emotions (which wards off depression) and more importantly, increases our positivity and our physical health.  It also opens the door to new relationships, you start sleeping better, you become more empathetic,  your self-esteem begins to boom... and overall it just makes you a happier person.​

I've been fortunate to have many people in my life who have played a huge role in my personal growth and successes.  This has made me realize just how fortunate I am....which is why I am forever expressing my gratitude and making sure they know how much I appreciate them.   


Journaling.... a simple pleasure 


I find it very therapeutic as it connects me to the little things that are sometimes over-looked or forgotten, especially when my day gets hectic.   There are times, however, when I open up my journal and begin to write and I get stumped.  My mind is either in super-hype mode or extreme lazy mode and it starts wandering off.  This is when nothing gets written down, because my mind, thoughts and emotions are out of whack.   

Journaling is known to improve your overall well being as it acts as a companion... so to speak.  Keeping a gratitude journal allows you to take the time to write down the things you are grateful for each day.   The benefit of writing these things down is that once you've written it somewhere, you can go back and read it whenever you need a little reminder of how fortunate you are.  This in itself takes your experience to a whole new level, because you will start feeling more grateful about everything in your life.

Enjoy the journey.   

I am so grateful for you!!

12 Week Gratitude Journal


I created this twelve week  gratitude journal for you to use whenever you feel the need to express gratitude.  Each day when you open your journal, it will prompt you with questions to ponder and respond to.  It gives you the opportunity to express exactly what you are grateful for and also to write down the lessons you learned from your day. 


I hope it will help clear your mind from any emotional clutter and bring you to the present.  We are all on an emotional healing journey trying to find meaning and purpose.

Enjoy the journey.   I am so grateful for you.

Cdn. $20+HST (Plus $5 for Delivery)


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