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Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential Oils are extremely valuable in supporting your health because they have a healing effect to support the body mentally, physically and emotionally.  They work quickly and efficiently to address any acute issues in the body that sometimes foods and nutritional supplements cannot do.  Essential oils can be applied topically (directly on your skin) aromatically (inhaling) or use through a diffuser. 


I like to refer to Essential oils as nature's ancient answer to over the counter medicine or synthetic drugs, but most of all, it's a healthier alternative to have as a  natural first line of defense in your homes.

To be precise, essential oils are not "oils" and that's simply because they lack fatty acids They are in fact, highly concentrated natural plant components (or extracts) and each essential oil has a distinctive medicinal benefit.  In order to get the successful benefit of essential oils, it's essential to know which oil is used for a particular health concern.  Essential oils work to address problems - not just mask symptoms.  Because they are natural, they work with our body, not against it.

In general, it takes a very large amount of a plant to get out just a small portion of essential oil, which is why some essential oils are particularly expensive.

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